"No one could be called either happy or free without participating, and having a share, in public power"

Hannah Arendt ,On Revolution, p25

"Development can be seen as a process of expanding the real freedoms that people enjoy"

Amartya Sen, (1999) Development as Freedom


Paradox Brussels

Brussels is the second richest region in Europe in terms of GDP per capita. However, Brussels has an unemployment rate in its labour force of 21,3% - the second highest rate in a European capital (after Berlin).

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Paradox London

London is viewed as a symbolic heart of democracy, nonetheless only approximately one third of the population voted in the most recent Assembly elections.

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Paradox Barcelona

Barcelona is the vanguard city where diversity, creativity, culture and public spaces are mobilized for urban regeneration. At the same time, public space in Barcelona becomes more controlled, regulated and therefore less free.

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